Traffic Police City Srinagar set challan record 1395 and realizing nearly ₹4 Lakh as fine in a Day - NATION WATCH - बदलते भारत की आवाज़ (MAGZINE)


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Nation Watch

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Traffic Police City Srinagar set challan record 1395 and realizing nearly ₹4 Lakh as fine in a Day

Srinagar 01 August: In a major drive by Srinagar Traffic police, a total of 1395 vehicles were challaned and Rs 3,85,650 recovered as penalty in just a Single day drive of tapping two-wheeler drivers not wearing helmets, four-wheeler drivers not wearing seat belts, leaving vehicles at ''no parking'' zones and driving vehicles without registration numbers.

The intensity of the drive can be gauged from the fact that the total amount recovered was nearly ₹4 Lakhs that the department had collected by way of challans during the drive.

Surprisingly, Near about 100 traffic Violators were prosecuted by DySP Traffic City Srinagar, Sh Farooq Ahmed and a record collections of fine above ₹ 1 Lakh from Traffic Violators was made alone.

On the other hand, Above ₹60,000 (Compound Money) was collected as fine from Traffic Offenders by DySP Traffic City west Srinagar , Sh Raies Ahmad in a day.

SSP Traffic City Srinagar, Sh Tahir Gillani JKPS, Confirmed that the highest ever collection was made by prosecuting the Traffic Rules offenders and added that the earning money through fines is not the objective. "We would rather that motorists followed Traffic Rules and reduced the number of fatalities on the roads," SSP Said.

"In last 10 days, Penalties on Rash Driving, riding without Helmets, Triple riding, Driving without Seat belt, Dangerous Driving, Mobile Phone Usage, improper parking had added the most to the State exchequer.

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